This is the story of a woman and 12 children from the mines…

This is the story of a woman and 12 children from the mines…
  • “I have been sharing my life for 25 years with the women and the children of the mines, the landfill and the streets of Bolivia … 12 children at the beginning … then a “government” led by children, a “government” led by the youth, a “government” led by women … a whole civil population on the rise. Today Voix Libres has reached 2 million beneficiaries. In 2018 Voix Libres received the International Human Rights Prize and Marianne Sebastien was nominated in the 100 Swiss personalities. This new model of democracy is led by the poorest and has reached ten different countries.”

    Marianne Sébastien
    Founder of Voix Libres

    Former children from the mines are now the leaders

    1. Wilber 25 years old, logistics manager
    2. Cesar Gabriel 25 years old, student
    3. Benita 27 years old, lawyer
    4. Graciela 26 years old, secretary
    5. Marianne
    6. Carlos 30 years old, lawyer
    7. Mariselva 27 years old lawyer
    8. Donato 30 years old, industrial engineer
    9. Edwin 30 years old, musician
    10. Gabriel 21 years old, photographer

    Voix Libres is ranked 58th best NGO in the world

    Based on criterias of impact, innovation and sustainability. Voix Libres has an innovative vision with solutions that emerge from the children themselves and from the local head office. A constant commitment in the same way as mountaineers who invented the “voie libres”. An efficient and balanced economic model that ensures sustainability.

    « “Few NGOs dare to dive into the hell where these children live … the way Voix Libres does. “
    J-C Nothias – Fondateur Top500Ngos

    “In 25 years of experience in development, I have never met an NGO as original and effective as Voix Libres … because it is based on love. “

    Pierre Pradervand, Author and development specialist

    “Of the 3’000 organizations that we have examined, few – if not none – tackle deep human suffering with actions as courageous and consistent as Voix Libres. “

    Mirjam Schöning, Director of the Schwab Foundation, Geneva


    No social development without interior development
    Liberation from traumas through creativity, music, singing, dancing and writing.

    Multiplication: Establishment of solidarity contracts and ethical values
    Everyone must pass on their skills and knowledge … they become caretakers of their community.

    Transparency: 100% of donations, sponsorships and micro-credits finance projects in Bolivia.
    Internal and external audits in Bolivia and Europe.

    Women and girls: initiators and actors of sustainable development
    Over 80% of the employees of Voix Libres and the beneficiaries of micro-credits are women.

     Youth government
    Trained or graduates, they guarantee a united and lasting commitment.

    Autonomy: Thanks to interest-free micro-credits
    Beneficiaries are not assisted, but become entrepreneurs.

    Export of containers of art craft and quinoa to Europe
    100% of the profit made from this solidarity business finances children’s projects in Bolivia.

    Decision-making by the civil society:
    “Women of Fire” are fighting against gender violence and feminicides.
    “Men of Peace” former murderers, rapists and delinquents become ambassadors of non-violence.

    How? By complete development

    Education and Training – Health – Food autonomy – Infrastructures – Legal support – Solidarity businesses – Solidarity interest-free micro-credits

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    Voix Libres en Bolivie, du lac Titicaca jusqu’au sud du pays…

    Potosí (4’200 m)

    In the mines of the Cerro Rico 8 million deaths in 3 centuries of exploitation of silver and tin.
    The working conditions are terrifying: collapses, dynamite explosions, poisoning with heavy metals, silicosis …

    Cochabamba (2,500 m)

    In the garbage landfills, marginalized communities live in this contaminated area … In prisons, Voix Libres has developed since 1994 micro-credit and non-violence training programs.

    Voix Libres also works in Africa, in Kivu The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

    … With solidarity micro-credits for destitute women and a schooling campaign for children in the slums of Bukavu and children in the Coltan mines.

    “Do not hesitate to give! I have witnessed how Voix Libres guarantees transparency
    and immediate action on the spot!

    I was lucky to meet a thousand of these women …
    they had experienced the worst: rape and then the street.
    A double penalty since their husbands had repudiated them.
    Despite having experienced barbarism in their flesh, these women were there, smiling, and in solidarity, with the desire to rebuild themselves thanks to micro-credits from Voix Libres.
    With this pride to get back on their feet, to be standing, without having to bend their back.

    These are the women I met.
    Without Voix LIbres they would not have found that smile,
    the one which enlarges the universe.”

    No economic and social development without interior development

    Liberation through voice