Singing Workshops

A workshop to awaken the sacred fire

At what % do I express my potential at?
At what % do I supress what I would like to express?
What am I ready to really change?
What are the obstacles obstructing my throat?
What makes me angry … or happy?

SINGING … Is saying YES!
It’s making the extinct voice vibrate, laughing instead of crying, transforming cries into beauty and the desert into blazing fire, it’s being king of the moment …




Testimony of Liliane (08.2016)
“By releasing my voice so powerfully I felt resuscitated…
… I, who was born with the cord twice around my neck and who had to be resuscitated to survive. “

Testimony of Olivia (08.2016)
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these magical moments lived during the workshop at Crêt-Bérard. Thanks to these 2 days, I have completed a big chapter of my story, which will allow me to start a new, free and serene one. I have released my voice and I feel that the way is now clear to move towards who I really am … This experience will remain engraved in my heart. I will not hesitate to dive back into it to find the strength necessary to act! I will finally be able to start writing. THANK YOU, to you and your adorable team … You are wonderful! I deeply believe in the actions of Voix Libres and I would like to be able to contribute to the project. I wish I could sing for the kids. I need to make sense of my voice.
Singing for the benefit of the children of Voix Libres would be the best way to achieve this”.


Ariane’s testimony (03.2016)
” Thanks to all! What a path I have crossed these last 4 days! We are carried away by you, Marianne, like a mother in her wake. Fear drops, tears flow. I find my voice to discover more and more about my own way! Thanks Annick! Dance, reconnect with the happy little Ariane … On Easter week! REBIRTH! “

Testimony of François (07.05.2015)
“It’s a great discovery … So surprised by the technique that resonates so well, to see to what extend we can sing and awaken so many inner emotions in a few minutes, incredible but true, I was very touched. I also wanted to say thank you for the transmission of your message and your total commitment to this workshop, as well as to the people who accompanied you.”