• A dream alone is not much! But a shared dream is something big!

      Already 10 tonnes of fruit has been distributed!
      The fruit campaign continues!

      Today is not a usual day, we have been caged for months and we have had time to dream.

      Together we dreamt of a dream that ends well. And which offers fruit and bananas to all the children of the world who will not starve to death. We know that a child dies every four seconds.

      So Voix Libres sent trucks filled with fruits for all those who called for help.

      We started to answer the call of thousands of families. Thanks to you, we will be able to feed 5,000 families.
      Each family will plant a fruit tree so to be able to eat tomorrow … (5 francs a tree)

      =1kg of bananas

      =100 bananas for one family

      =1000 bananas for 100 families!

        • Children of mines

          • Marianne Sébastien – International Human Rights Prize

            • ♥ Infinite gratitude ♥

              ACTING MAKES YOU HAPPY !
              The tragedies of their lives did not have the last word!

              The children that we cradled 25 years ago in our shelters have been able to quit work in the mines and domestic violence. We have accompanied them through our nurseries, to school up to vocational training.

              They were able to release their trauma. Many have today become leaders. They have developed new laws against violence (laws 348 and 118). They have transformed delinquent men into “Men of Peace”. They even work with governmental and private institutions: training in non-violence for the police and army to prevent gender violence and machismo and by teaching the pedagogy of kindness!

Thank you to the City of Geneva for its generous support.

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