• The Cities of Goodness

    The Cities of Goodness

    They lived in mines, prisons and garbage landfills… Today they are building “Cities of Goodness” in the countryside of Cochabamba, La Paz and Potosi … the culmination of 25 years of work with the creation of a new society founded on heart values , immediate efficiency and love in action.

    An incarnated utopia near Cochabamba in Bolivia, a training center for “Good Treatments” where the most abused will be protected and will become responsible and autonomous.

    The City of Goodness is the embodiment of a new humanity already on the move … and this shift has not come from above but from those left at the bottom of society … What a lesson these children teach us! Beaten, deprived of dignity and education, they are today at the forefront of innovation in terms of housing, agriculture and social integration … They have become alchemists who convert distress and poverty into joy and in abundance.

    In a world where we spend our time diagnosing problems, they show us it is possible to manifest our most beautiful ideals.

    “The children arrived at the City of Goodness abandoned and frozen by fear.
    Today, because they are together and have become mirrors of each other, they rebuild themselves, they play, they cultivate their organic gardens, make their soaps and build their houses with empty bottles… the children do not say “I give , I serve “…
    They do it, they are naturally so. Love does not passively observe, it acts immediately.
    The extraordinary is simply in the depth of the ordinary … Finally, Peace! ”


    Marianne Sébastien
    Founding President





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