• Therapies


    Freeing oneself from past trauma prepares space to be gradually available to receive education, training and recover its true cultural roots.

    • Singing workshops: each Voix Libres project starts with a traditional music workshop and singing therapies to free one’s voice … to express your deep identity, to develop your creative potential, to leave despair and connect happily with everyone.


    • Manufacture of traditional instruments
      (pan flutes and drums).


    • Folk groups of music and traditional dance.


    • Painting workshop. Ten years ago, the majority of children who worked in the mines of the Cerro Rico were drawing only in black. Today, thanks to freeing capacity of painting and mandalas, colors fill up their canvas.


    • Water therapy or Watsu: children’s bodies are stiff and paralyzed with fear. We take them to thermal water pools to practice watsu. It is a process of movement and which allows to let go of emotional and physical stress in the water and to leave bad memories at the bottom of the pool …


    Alternative education and therapies adapted to their traumas … everything to achieve the child’s autonomy while respecting the differences of their nature and their character in order to allow them to become aware of their talents and those of others.