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How you can help

Join Voix Libres

and pay your membership: 30 euros or 50 CHF per year;

  • you will receive 3 newsletters per year as well as updates by email

  • you will help us continue our commitment: our operating costs in Europe are financed by membership fees and sponsors.


Make a donation

to finance a 100% of our self-promotion projects in Bolivia (building of schools, drinking water, dispensaries, etc)


Sponsor a child

30€ or 50 CHF per month (feel free to determine your sponsorship amount!)

to enable a child to leave the misery of the mines, countryside, garbage dumps or streets.

By sponsoring a child you save an entire family, that is 7 persons.

parrainage_02parrainez en eurosparrainez en CHF

Offer a micro-credit

so that the most underprivileged can start up a small business and take charge of their children’s future !

micro-credit_02Offrez un micro-crédit en eurosoffrez un micro-crédit en CHF

Bank details

In Switzerland

Postfinance - CCP: 12-26524-5
IBAN: CH68 0900 0000 1202 6524 5

Banque Cantonale de Genève:
IBAN: CH08 0078 8000 A310 0731 0

In France

Crédit coopératif Strasbourg
IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 8121 0286 4330 694

In Belgium  

Banque: 210-0573517-08
IBAN: BE63 2100 5735 1708

In the U.S.

168 Beacon Street, Unit 2 - Boston MA 02116
Jerry Blakeley : 1-617-633-2253 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
All donations should reference “Voix Libres”


Join our volunteer team

Offer your skills and a few hours of your time or take some beautiful colorful handicrafts to sell. Your will sow joy around you!

Contac us as soon as possible :  e-mail or call us :  + 41 22 733 03 03!!!

If you wish to organize a home sale of our handicrafts, please visit our shop and choose the items that you wish to offer your friends. Make you order by explaining that it is about a home sale.

Many thanks in advance...it is thanks to your commitment that we can promote a respectful development and enable the poorest communities of Bolivia to become self-sufficient.



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